Online groundwater sensors installed at Ezousa MAR site, Cyprus

Four online groundwater sensors have been installed within Ezousa riverbed near Paphos, Cyprus. These sensors measure water temperature, water level and electric conductivity on a daily basis, and transfer the data by GPRS telemetry to INOWAS platform at the Technical University of Dresden, Germany. The data can be visualized, processed, downloaded and prepared for further usage,  e.g. as a boundary or observation point in a real-time groundwater flow model. More specific, the monitoring system has sampling interval of 12 hours, and it is expected  to give new insights in the temporal and spatial variations of  water level, provide better assessments regarding the risks associated with sea water intrusion, and used for the development of improved groundwater numerical models.

Sensor installation at different locations within the Ezousa riverbed.

Furthermore, the in-situ measurements are submitted to the web-based  INOWAS platform. From there, the data can be visualized, processed and prepared for further usage, e.g. as a boundary or observation point in a (real-time) groundwater flow model.

Visualization of the in-situ measurement at the web-based platform